Doctor Our Mission

At ARL we hope to bring about change to your daily lives. Everything from General Practice to Training to targetted research for areas such as outdoor survival, military combat medicine, and industrial accidents. We aim to provide you with information for any situation, at any time, anywhere in the world. This will not come free, there are costs associated with ARL, which help us maintain the highest level of expertise found anywhere in the world. Our cutting edge articles, demonstrations, and news will exceed all your expectations and provide you and your teams with the tools and knowledge to handle any situation.

As a community focused on advancements in medical areas, we recruit heavily from all career choices. We have built a solid foundation of members from all walks of life from police to housewives who are here to learn, share, and prepare for a world where all carry forth knowledge and power to save lives.

Memberships are only granted through invitation from existing members and only with approval from two other existing members who are willing to verify your adherence to our strict code of humanitarian efforts. It is not an easy road we choose, but with it we better the lives of all around us.

Heart Our History

Founded in 1996, by active military personnel, the ARL "project" began with the humble beginings to collect and share information for all. Through the years, the original members grew to understand the giant weight placed on their shoulders, not just for future generations seeking knowledge, but for the future itself. Without some moral code of conduct, information would only be spread to those with questions and not goals to impact those around them. As a group, we grow stronger with every new member and we evolve to ensure that our involvement in any situation leaves an unforgettable impact.

Ambulance Our Reach

Through the World Wide Web, we have been able to expand outside of the United States and into countries all over the world. Our membership is a melting pot of cultures and skills. Our members are everywhere, ready to help those in need and serve the world community. We do not cater to any government office, corporate entity, or central structure.

Microscope Our Website

This site is your clearinghouse for all things. Here we come to share and discuss training, equipment, techniques, as well as request help. In the library you will find all you need to know about a wide range of common subject matter. The Vault holds our collective shared experiences, read through them and gain a greater respect for the larger world you stepped into. Our PeAK News team keeps you up to date on medical and social problems all over the world, while our Open Hands initiative offers you the chance to put all your training and experience to use in needed situations.